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Divas Sojourn deals with adventurous destinations camps / Luxury Trips For Women, glamorous divas and their kids of various age groups.

Pooja Malhotra

Pooja has comfortably straddled her passion for travel. She is B TECH Engineer in Electronics and communication. She is the brain behind Divas Sojourn and she has lived in, and travelled to different countries. She is the happiest when she’s on the road with a bunch of friends. She founded Divas Sojourn with the purpose of sharing his passion for travel and providing women with social and professional networking options. She has always planned her own trips, and has often helped various friends and family members in planning their trips. A brave soul, She has no qualms about travelling solo, or in the company of friends. When she is not travelling, you will find her bustling around with a twinkle in her eyes, organizing get-togethers and fun events and having a blast with her friends. She  loves animals, especially Dogs, and has been known to tend to various stray animals and give them a home!!


What an outstanding experience! From take off
to return. Divas Sojourn handled all arrangements with top notch service.

-Mrs. Payal Sharma

Excellent trip - friendly, knowledgeable tour guides, beautiful hotels, close attention to details.

-Mrs. Bharthi Sachdev

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