Women Travel To Lansdowne: Here Are 7 Things To Do On Your ‘WOW TOUR’!

Tucked in amidst the mighty ranges of the Himalayas, Lansdowne in Uttarakhand is one of the cleanest hill stations in India. Being one of the safest places for a solo female traveler, Lansdowne is well known for its panoramic views, bottomless lakes and infinite mountain ranges. Enlisted here are the 7 must things to do in Lansdowne while with Divas Sojourn, a women travel group curated only for the enthusiastic solo women travellers.

Gasp at the old hills from Tip N Top

women travel to lansdowne

Gasp the views from the peaks

Gasp some wonderful and charming views of the Himalayas from the observing hillocks of Tip N Top. People say that this place was the favourite place of the British Viceroy, Lord Lansdowne for his evening tea. Make sure that you don’t miss the sunset (or the sunrise) from this highest point in Lansdowne.

Enjoy boating with your female travel partner at the Bhulla Lake

Pose, pose =)

Bhulla Lake or Bhulla Tal is the perfect place to rejoice your Lansdowne afternoon. The man-made lake is surrounded by a colourful and jubilant flower garden. You can paddle across the waterlines or enjoy an afternoon stroll amidst the oak and pine trees in the garden. You will also find a small café and souvenir shop nearby.

Salute the unsung heroes of the Garhwal Rifles

Dig deep into the history of the Garhwal Regiment through memorials like Garhwali Mess, Darwan Singh Museum, Shatabdi Dwar and War Memorial. The porticos display several portrayals of war heroes, weaponries and chivalry awards.

Stroll across the timeless churches with your women travel group

Visiting St. Mary’s Church and St. John’s Church are two not-to-miss destinations in the ‘wow trip’ to Lansdowne. While the first one has been long converted into a museum, daily prayers are still offered at the later. The galleries inside St. Mary display pictures and frames dating back to pre-independence times. Nevertheless, St. John is the only church in Lansdowne.

Pay your homage at the shrines

Offer your prayers!

Some of the old and famous temples in and around Lansdowne are Tarakeswar Mahadev Temple, Santoshi Mata Temple and Sidhbali Hanuman Temple. Out of these, Sidhbali Hanuman Temple near Koteswar is an ancient place to dwell in. With a backdrop of the hills, the temple is located beside a small gushing river.

Get mesmerized into the divine beauty of nature

Girls posing amidst green fields; its all about women travel

Happy moments of women travel

With the staring Shivalik ranges and infinite green valleys, women only tour to Lansdowne is incomplete without experiencing nature. Go for a jungle walk, capture the diverse flora and fauna or simply pamper yourself with a Yoga session amidst the serene valleys. Camping, trekking and bonfire are also held at many places in Lansdowne.

Shopping at Lansdowne markets; the quintessential part of women travel

Shopping is both the first and the last thing to do on a Lansdowne trip. Gandhi market is one of the best places to visit in Lansdowne for a shopping spree. Leather belts, bags, shoes, wallets, trendy jewelry, handicraft items and winter garments are some of the best buys at this place.

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