In June 2019 Divas Sojourn has come up with a great travel saving plan for all the divas who wish to travel solo but sometimes get constraints because of financial reasons. Under this travel saving plan, we have 200+ women enrolled across India.

There are two groups.

1:- Pay Rs 2000 per month n get package Worth 30000 after a year
2:- Pay Rs 5000 per month and get package Worth rupees 72000 after completion of one year.


1:- No other discounts can be clubbed with the package bought from this money.
2:- Travel package can be Women only package and not customized ones.
3:- Under no circumstances, the money will be given back in cash.
4:- It has validity for two years after the completion of your payment term. Within two years you can buy any women-only package.
5:- Money can be split into buying two or more packages.
6:- If money is less you can pay in cash to buy any package.
7:-  If you fail to deposit any installment or you wish to withdraw your kitty amount (whatever you have paid)  will be refunded after the end of kitty without any benefits.